The Power Of Nostalgia

Colourpop x Powerpuff Girl and Colourpop x Sailor Moon. Basically Y2K Core. Photo by Odia Melissa

Recent makeup collaboration with some of my favourite childhood TV shows got me thinking about the power of nostalgia. Colourpop X Powerpuff Girls brought me back to when I was nine, and everything was sugar and a bit of spice. 

The textbook definition of nostalgia is a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning to return to a past period.  Although we’ve all had our ups and downs throughout the pandemic, I can only speak for myself when I say that I realised that I’d taken a lot for granted. Simple things like going out for drinks at a crowded bar or smiling at a stranger seem like things of the past.

Roller glosses and heart shape blushes galore. The early 200s called and want their stuff back. Photo by Odia Melissa

Brands seem to have found a way to capitalize on our nostalgia with the trendiness of the early 2000s amongst the Zillennials and Gen Z by reintroducing iconic TV shows and trends through our current interest. They have captured not only our hearts but our wallets. No, seriously, tell me why I’m scouring the internet for the Bratz 20th-anniversary doll and debating on getting the Makeup Revolution collab eyeshadow palette. Oh, and how can I forget the Puma shoe. Did I mention I used to be a Bratz fan? Although I’m not going to go back to playing with dolls or have a Care Bears theme palette as my go-to, they can be great collectors’ items if you were a fan at one point.

This phenomenon also transcends into fashion. We all know that fashion is an endless loop of virtually almost nothing new. I can’t lie; running to find a pair of low-rise jeans, a micro shoulder bag containing my strawberry flavoured roller gloss is tempting, but nothing I think I would actually do. 

Thank God Cameron Diaz and I both evolved passed this. Photo by Getty Images

Needless to say, daydreaming about “the good old days” is entirely normal, but it’s important to live in the now and realise we are only just moving forward. Think about it, do we really want to go back to a time where we all tweezed our eyebrows into oblivion? Wore that abysmal pale blue eyeshadow all over our lids? And in my case… a goth phase? 

Nostalgia, to me, isn’t just for yearning for the past but also a chance to reflect. As things are slowly opening up again, time in lockdown allowed me to look back and see how far I’ve come and how I want to move forward. Don’t get me wrong, reminiscing and participating in comeback trends is fun but, let’s not forget about the possibilities that the future holds.  

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