Top 7 One & Done Eyeshadows

I love and admire a detailed eye look as much as the next girl, but sometimes a simple one-step shadow is all you have the time and energy for. I’ve compiled a list of my current favorite one and done eyeshadows for any wearer. Whether you’re into powerful pigments or something subdued, matte or shimmer, creamy or powdery, I hope you’ll be able to get inspired and find you’re ultimate one-and-done eyeshadow.

1. Revlon ColourStay Shadow Sticks

Photo by Odia Melissa

Revlon ColourStay Shadow Sticks, $12.30,

Starting off strong (and low-key with my favourite on this list) are the Revlon Colourstay Shadow Sticks. These ultra creamy sticks are available in velour (matte) and glaze (shimmer) finish. The mattes are my favourites and require little to no effort for a saturated and highly pigmented wash of colour that’s super easy to blend. Best part, no creases and amazing longer hour wear.

2. Revlon ColourStay Cream Eyeshadow

Revlon ColourStay Cream Eyeshadow, $12,

For my cream eyeshadow lovers, here’s another banger from Revlon. The ColourStay cream eyeshadows are packed with rich, blendable colour with incredible long hour wear. Use a heavy hand for intense colour or tiny dabs for a stunning subtle wash of colour. The cream eyeshadows are available in 18 different shades varying in matte and shimmer finishes

3.Colourpop Super Shock Shadows

Super Shock Shadows, $7.50,

Colourpop’s Super Shock Shadows are truly one of the most shadows unique on this list and one of the brand’s OG products. The formula is soft and is almost bouncy to the touch. Pat the shadow on with the light touch of your finger for a subtle effect, or use generous swipes for an intense look. The super shock shadows are available in ultra-matte, glitter, and metallic finishes. My go-to colour is As You Wave in the ultra-metallic finish.

4. Sugar Pill Fun Size Palette

Photo by Odia Melissa

Sugar Pill Fun Size Palette, $34,

Although this is not a single shadow, the Sugar Pill Fun Size palette colours are perfect for an all-over wash of colour for your lids. They’re all buildable colours, making it the perfect palette for everyday colourful wear (if that’s you’re vibe). To my melanated honeys out there, fear not, they’ll work beautifully on your complexion too; no chalkiness I promise.

5. E.l.f. Bite Size Palette

Photo by Odia Melissa

E.l.f. Bite Size Palette, $4,

The e.l.f. Bite-Size eyeshadow palette in pumpkin spice is my go-to one-and-done option for a neutral eye. This palm-size palette is perfect for creating a little shimmer moment all over your lids or adding a little definition into your crease. Each of these shadows looks great on their own or combined.

6. MAC Powder Kiss Eyeshadows

Photo by Odia Melissa

MAC Powder Kiss Eyeshadows,$24,

The MAC powder kiss eyeshadow formula is one you didn’t know you needed until you try it out for yourself. Unlike a traditional eyeshadow, the powder kisses feel like velvet to the touch. According to MAC, this particular formula uses a Soft-Focus Filter Technology to deliver a beautiful defuse blurting effect to the eyes. The shade Devoted to Chilli is a must cop, in my opinion.

7. Chanel Les 4 Ombre Eyeshadow Palette

Chanel Les 4 Ombre Eyeshadow Palette, $76,

For my bougie gals and guys out there, this Chanel quad is perfect for one-and-done model-off-duty type eye looks. Like most higher-end shadows, they aren’t the most mind-blowing pigmented shadows, but they are perfect if you’re the type of person who wants more of a wash of colour and discrete shimmer. Sometimes the most beautiful looks aren’t always the loudest.

What are your go to one and done eyeshadows? Should I make a part 2?

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**all prices are in Canadian Dollars


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