3 Graphic Liner Tips For Hooded Eyes

I know 2020 isn’t too much of a distant memory, but I really wanted to reminisce about one of my favorite trends, the graphic liner. Last year was about being bold and switching up your traditional liner game, and I think we’re still going to see it linger on this year.

Those of us with hooded eyes have a bit extra “obstacle” in creating a sickening look. After a bunch of trials and errors, I have come up with tips and tricks to develop epic eye looks that would put people with “regular lid shapes” to shame (no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade, I promise).

  1. Sketch It Out

The prominent fold and lack of lid space make it difficult to predict the outcome of any eye look. I highly suggest sketching out what you’re doing first with an eyebrow pencil to get a preview of how the design will actually look. 

pink flame like graphic liner
Pink Flame Inspired Liner (Image & makeup by Odia Melissa)

Eye look details:

Suva Beauty – UV Taffies Liner Palette (shade: Bubble Butt)

Colourpop – Super Shock Eyeshadow (shade: ice dream) SOLD OUT (similar shade here)

  1. Keep your eyes open

The most important thing I’ve learned with eyeliner on hooded eyes is to draw it with your eyes open. Whether it’s a crazy squiggle or simple wing, the chance of a successful line is much higher when drawing it with your eyes open and relax. Your liner won’t look warped or distorted regardless of your eye expression throughout the day.

black and green cross over liner
Black & green cross over liner (Image & makeup by Odia Melissa)

Eye look details:

Suva Beauty – UV Taffies Liner Palette (shade: Silly Billy)

Marc Jacobs – Highliner Liquid-Gel Eyeliner (shade: black)

  1. Organic Shapes

Look, I’m not telling you what you can or can’t do, but I feel it’s my duty to share that, in my opinion, organic likes look better on hooded eyes. Avoid harsh edges and corners as they don’t translate well on the eye. Organic shapes and lines like circles, squiggles, and waves go naturally with the fold in our eyes. 

circular two toned orange liner
Two toned orange liner (Image and makeup by Odia Melissa)

Eye look details:

Glam Vice Cosmetics – Retro Liners (shades Hot Pants & Skate Date)

Essence Kajal pencil eyeliner (shade 25 ‘Feel the Mari-Time)

BONUS: Brushes Matter

Having the right tools can instantly take your liner game from a five to a 10. If you are a retired amateur artist like myself, then you should absolutely refurbish your old tiny paint brushes (after a deep clean of course). Nail art brushes that you can find on amazon also work great. Of course, if you aren’t sold on alternative brush options, you can definitely stick to traditional makeup liner brushes. Those will do the trick without fail, as that’s what they’re meant to do.

Paint brushes now refurbished as liner brushes (image by Odia Melissa)

Similar brushes can be found at your local Micheals (or other craft/art store) and Amazon

What’s a makeup trend you’re looking forward to this year? Are you into graphic liners? Let me know.

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