I Went On Two Month No Buy And Here Is How it Went

How It Started 

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know exactly what I’m talking about and have probably anticipated this update; if not, let me get you up to speed. It all started with my father calling out my reckless spending habits. Granted, we were on a five-month lockdown at the time, and there wasn’t to do but shop, but you know what, he was right. The U.P.S., U.S.P.S., FedEx, and Canada Post guys all probably knew me by face and name, so it was time to slow things down. He challenged me to go an entire month without spending except for the basic like food, bills, personal care, and emergencies. My competitive nature decided to level things up and go for two months, and just like that, the challenge was set. I would go on a two month no buy until the Sephora V.I.B. sale, and I was then going to reward myself by splurge like there’s no tomorrow. Easy right? WRONG.

How It Went

My spending weaknesses are makeup and sneakers, and unfortunately for me, September and October were jampacked with some fire releases. My heart ached. The first two weeks were the hardest. I felt like the world was taunting me. I realized to avoid temptation; I needed to do some social media cleansing. I unfollowed all my favorites like Sephora, Trend Mood, Sneaker News, Kicks on fire, and more. I ended up unfollowing over 50 accounts.

I quickly realized that consumerism and the pressure to be “up to date” is so engraved in social media that we don’t even notice it anymore. Remember the days where we would post for fun on Instagram? Neither do I. There’s nothing wrong with having a business or being a blogger with a curated Instagram like myself, but when it starts playing with your mental health and financials, then it’s time to take a step back.

After going on my unfollowing spree, I felt like September went by reasonably quickly. The month of October is when I started to feel super creative. Whether it’s dipping into older makeup palettes, I haven’t touched in a while or styling an older pair of Jordan’s differently than I would usually. October was the time where I started to appreciate what I have. I was able to go ahead and window shop both physically and in-person and just feel nothing. 

Just like that, the month of October came to an end, and the Sephora V.I.B. sale was upon us, and regular spending could resume.

What I learned  

This experience changed my way of spending, my relationship with social media, and how I view consumerism is an understatement. The serotonin that shopping gave was only temporary, and for my wallet’s sake, I needed to find another way to feel good. Of course, splurging from time to time isn’t bad, but like my father always says, “there’s a season for spending and a season for saving.” I was able to shop in stores for the Sephora sale and see all the stuff I wanted to buy. Surprisingly I ended up getting half the things that were on my wish list. I spent the last 60 days utilizing my current collection and rediscovering old favorites, which allowed me to avoid getting repackaged duplicates. Sneakers that I thought I wanted ended up being all hype, and I could save some cash for this year’s Jordan 11 December release, which was high on my wish list from the start of the year. 

Moving forward, I’m in no rush to spend. I months later, after my two-month no buy, I’m still not experiencing any sort of F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out). Even after refollowing a couple of my favorite accounts, my first reaction for once hasn’t been to pounce on anything new (except the Jordan 1 Mochas and the New Balance x Amie Leon Dore collab, those two were a must).

I’m no financial expert, but I feel as if now during the holidays was a perfect time to share my experience of my little experiment. Due to the pandemic, some might feel the need to overcompensate for not being around their love ones and go extra crazy, but I’m here to remind you to do it wisely.

If you’re interested in seeing what I ended up picking up from the sale, check out my latest YouTube video here

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